Political Campaign Services

DNC Approved Vendor

The Democratic National Committee (DNC),  published the 2022 Diverse Vendor Directory of which White Hat Technology is to  proud to be a part of.  Diversity, equity, and inclusion are important values to all Democrats. As a Black & Brown owned business we value your campaigns commitment to diversity and honor your commitment by delivering quality work through a lens of cultural competency.  We look forward to hearing from with you.

We are an omni platform service provider within website development. Preferred platforms for clients are Squarespace for out of the box solutions. WordPress for those with custom requirements.

Mobile, efficient and secure, we offer campaign hardware and software to ensure your team can operate wherever your constituents are located.  

We specialize in issue and voter advocacy, empowering businesses to navigate complex political landscapes and engage with policymakers effectively. Our expert team provides comprehensive strategies and innovative solutions to help businesses shape policies and mobilize voters for maximum impact.

Our political messaging and communications services are designed to deliver compelling and influential messages that resonate with target audiences. With our strategic approach and expertise in crafting persuasive narratives, we help businesses effectively communicate their values, policies, and goals to key stakeholders and the wider public.

Putting your campaign first.

You chose this path in life because your values matter to you. But you can’t implement your values system on a larger scale if you don’t win.

With the ever-increasing levels of spending in political campaigns, standing out and getting noticed has become a challenge that every candidate, initiative and public affairs campaign faces. But you don’t need millions of dollars to get your message out to the voters and stakeholders. You know that you need a “digital game” for your campaign.

What will move the needle is a compelling website, proper analytics integration so you understand who your content is resonating with, and highly targeted and cost-efficient advertising across platforms, from Facebook and Instagram to Google, YouTube and beyond. This allows you to reach your persuadable audience on their phones, laptops, and television screens without wasting resources.  What you might not know is that having a bunch of followers or likes won’t help you find the persuadable supporters you need.

We’ve been integral to campaigns from neighborhood issues, as well as to city, legislative, and statewide races. We understand campaigns are won by appealing to diverse constituents and that one news cycle can change political fates. Having a nimble team that can anticipate and appropriately react to changes can be the difference between winning and losing.